DeepDyve’s 2021 Year In Review

In 2021 DeepDyve launched the Digital Library, our platform for helping researchers find, read, and manage journal articles as easily as they did at university. The Digital Library combines our industry-leading collection of direct-from-publisher articles with features that help teams organize, share, and collaborate on their research, all in one place. And with great feedback from our users, we’ve made it even better as the year has passed. Here are some of the highlights of what the DeepDyve team added in 2021:

Millions of Articles

Our industry-leading subscription database got better than ever, with an additional 6M instant-read articles added on top of 5M more open access articles. And the number of articles indexed for purchase topped 150M.

Additional Publishers

We added publications from partners like American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Company of Biologists, and Social Science Research Network, expanding our collection in both life sciences and social sciences.

Springer E-books

We also added 1.5M e-book chapters from Springer Nature e-books to our collection. These chapters can be purchased for download from your account with no markup.

Article Sharing in Slack and Microsoft Teams

For our Enterprise users, collaborating and communicating on articles is important. We added links in our reading pane that let users share articles with one click in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Shared Annotations

The annotations tool in our article reading pane has always been a popular way for researchers to make notes, drawings, and comments on articles. But a lot of users wanted to be able to share those notes with teammates. With the release of our shared annotations feature, now they can

Shared Folder Improvements

Our shared folders have always been a flexible, easy way to store and organize articles; it’s very easy to store an article in multiple folders, so there’s no limit on how you can use them to sort your work. We made them even better with improvements to sharing, selecting teammates, and moving folders from personal to shared

The DeepDyve Digital Library is already the best way for research teams to work together on research articles, and our content and product teams are hard at work making it even better. We have exciting things on the roadmap for 2022, and we can’t wait to show them to you!