New Content Partnership: Springer Nature E-Books

DeepDyve is excited to announce the addition of another major component to our collection of scholarly literature: e-books from Springer Nature. Coverage includes textbooks, proceedings, monographs and more, and open access texts are a part of the collection. Topics range from science, technology, and medicine (STM) to humanities and social sciences. Here are a few FAQs to explain how our new offering works.

Q. How many e-books are available? 

A.  We are still in the process of indexing the full collection, but when we are done we expect to have about 1.5M e-book chapters indexed.

Q. Will the e-books show up in search results alongside papers and articles?

A. Yes, e-book content will show up with other content, making systematic literature searches more efficient.

Q. Can e-book chapters be saved in folders like other content?

A. Yes, you can save e-books in the same folders you use to organize your other literature.

Q. Will the e-books be available in the premium rental collection?

A. Currently the book chapters are available only as individual downloads. They may be purchased from within DeepDyve for the same price as from the publisher so that you can continue to manage your content in one place. 

Q. Can purchased e-book chapters be stored in the Cloud Library?

A. Yes, if you are an enterprise user of the Digital Library, you will be able to put e-book chapters you have purchased into your Cloud Library.

Check out a few of our e-books now!

Of Gods and Men: Bridging the Gap between Cosmogony and the Heroic Age in Early Greek Legendary History

Standard Setting in Education: National Tests in Norway: An Undeclared Standard in Education? Practical and Political Implications of Norm-Referenced Standards

The Children of Spring Street: A Sketch of a City

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