Latest Release: Updates to Shared Folders

If you are on the Deep Dyve Enterprise Plan, you may have noticed a change in how shared folders function. Here are some highlights of the changes:

Shared folders inherit sharing properties of the top-level shared folders

Previously when you created a folder underneath a shared folder, you had to invite people to it all over again. This is now updated; sub-folders automatically inherit the sharing properties of the top-level folder.

Move or copy one folder to another

You can now move folders from one place to another and copy a folder into a different folder. When you move or copy between shared folders the properties are also inherited, and all of the subfolders are moved or copied as well.

Convert personal folders to shared folders

Within a personal folder, you can click the “Convert to Shared Folder” button. You can then invite team members to share that folder, or you can move the folder under another shared folder so that it invites people automatically. For example, you could create shared folders with the members of different teams, then add new folders underneath those teams to automatically share everything with them.

Pick your team members from a list

Rather than typing the email of each team member to invite them to a folder, we now provide a drop-down list for you to pick from.

These updates should allow your team to share and organize articles even more efficiently than before. Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions!

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