New Feature: Share Articles In Slack

@everyone—Announcing the newest feature in the DeepDyve Digital Library: you can now connect your DeepDyve enterprise account to your Slack account and share articles with two clicks. 

Connecting your account and sharing articles is simple. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through it.

1. Connect your Slack account.

2. Connect your workspace

After you enter the name of your workspace and your login info, click the button that allows DeepDyve to connect to your workspace.

3. Share the article.

To share an article, click the button and select the channel you want to share into. Some organizations set up a dedicated article channel, while others divide articles by topic or by the project they relate to. 

4. Discuss articles in Slack

You can comment on articles as part of your regular Slack workflow and click to read them in DeepDyve with one click.

It’s that simple! We hope this new feature helps you organize and collaborate even better on your scientific literature. To tell us how this feature is working for you, contact

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