How to quickly see if a journal is available on DeepDyve

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked here at DeepDyve is:

Do you carry this specific journal?

In this time limited world, our audience wants a rapid answer so we’ve developed a comprehensive journals list for this purpose.

Are jrnls availableThe list is alphabetically sorted and the journal’s availability in our library is clearly marked. Titles which you can read today are marked “Available“. Those where the full text is on our platform because they are free to read are marked “Free“. Articles that we want to make available to read but have not yet been able to obtain publisher permission are marked “Preview only” – their usage (or lack thereof) triggers us to lobby a publisher again for their inclusion. Finally, our latest journals are marked “New!

It’s also worth knowing that we have implemented an article recommendation system. Here’s how it works:

1) If we have references and have those articles in our system, we show those at the top of the list
2) We show articles that have similar titles/abstracts

And, we’re currently working on an additional feature that will show what content “other users like you also read”. We will soon be able to suggest articles that are related by author and use the connection between references and citations to find more content.

Here at DeepDyve, we’re committed to make the quest for access to research as smooth and seamless as we possibly can.