New link partnership – welcome ZB Med!

In a new link partnership announced Friday, September 19th 2015, the Leibniz Information Centre for Life Sciences (the German National Library of Medicine – ZB MED) will link to 12 million articles on DeepDyve, which offers unlimited research article streaming from the cloud for just $40 per month.

To find out more about DeepDyve, please see our 2014 Progress Update for stats and facts about our service, who uses us, why they do and our growth.

“We are very pleased and excited to work with ZB MED, a global resource for the life sciences,” said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. “For online users, it has become quite normal to rent or stream content from the cloud – whether music or films. With DeepDyve and LIVIVO, scientists in Germany can now gain convenient and affordable access to needed literature.”

The German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED) is the world’s largest library in its subject combination of medicine, health and nutritional, environmental and agricultural sciences.

Their semantic-based interdisciplinary search portal called LIVIVO, retrieves information across more than 45 life sciences data sources including library catalogues, databases and publisher directories. With more than 55 million records, LIVIVO allows the user to search beyond the limits of their holdings and now, users can choose to subscribe to DeepDyve and get instant access to articles on our platform too.

DD logoOn the topic of content supply in the digital age, Dr Elisabeth Müller, head of collection development at ZB MED said:

Through our cooperation with DeepDyve we are taking a decisive step forward.

DeepDyve is also now integrated with PubMed as a LinkOut resource, a service that allows users to link directly from PubMed to relevant online resources in order to extend, clarify, and supplement information found there. And, we have a new IE plug-in which runs with Google Scholar, Google and PubMed to show users which articles are available to rent from us.

With the additional option for LIVIVO users to test the service FREE for two weeks and cancel at any time, we welcome them to our world of instant and affordable research!