Spring Subscriber Survey – results to share

If you, (like us) love stats, then you will enjoy this update on some key results from our Spring Subscriber Survey which received 530 responses, a 7% response. A big thank you to everyone who completed it. The results will help us enhance our services for the benefit of all (some new features are already in development so watch this space).

Here are a few highlights.

  • Nearly 90% of subscribers rate our service as excellent or good
  • 85% of respondents work at a business with fewer than 500 employees
  • 71% of respondents use DeepDyve at least 3 times per month

The top three reasons to subscribe to our service are:

  1. Not affiliated with an academic library
  2. Convenience of having articles at my fingertips
  3. Can’t afford to purchase single PDF’s

In terms of what we offer, we provide unattached researchers with ongoing instant and affordable access to 12 million scholarly articles from 10,000 top peer-reviewed journals for just $40 per month:

• Read as many as they like
• Print up to 20 pages per month
• Download PDFs for 20% off

Here are a few memorable quotes from the survey about why our subscribers use our service:

Buying PDF’s one at a time for $30-40 would be prohibitive given how many I need – anon 1.

I love that I can see the articles without having to purchase each PDF. For me, learning new things includes having to have a breadth of information about a topic, so purchasing single PDFs all over the place is annoying, time consuming, and elitist for people who can’t afford the high prices for single pieces – anon 2.

For accessibility to relevant articles and journals associated to my research work – anon 3.

If you are interested in finding out more about who uses our services and how, then please check out our annual stats and facts report.

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