New Content Partnership: American Chemical Society

Welcome to 2023! DeepDyve is proud to announce that our users now have access to journals from the American Chemical Society’s (ACS). This adds a new and uniquely valuable component to the Digital Library, DeepDyve’s industry-leading article access platform. 

DeepDyve has added 978,423 current and historical articles from ACS’s 60 prestigious journals. These include high-quality and impactful research in biology, toxicology, natural products, organometallics, inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmaceutical, and dozens of other subjects. These articles are sourced from the most trusted and most cited journals in their fields, comprising nearly a million reputable and recent sources for all your research needs. The fruits of this collaboration are live and currently available to all DeepDyve users. 

DeepDyve strives to build partnerships and agreements with the foremost publishers in the world, bringing the most up-to-date and article access to your research projects. With cooperation from over 150 leading academic publishers, including organizations like ACS, DeepDyve offers the most robust unlimited reading access in the industry. We also offer researchers industry-leading features for collaboration and library management, in addition to regularly adding additional access from world-renowned sources like ACS. 

To access publications from ACS, simply search for your desired terms and watch the results roll in. If you don’t already have a subscription to DeepDyve, sign up today for a solo researcher account, or arrange a demo of our enterprise platform for research teams.