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Real-Time, Integrated Search

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

In prior blogs, we’ve discussed our vision of search, that it will evolve from a fairly isolated function today that takes place mainly at “portals”, to a function that is integrated  into a larger activity, such as research.  Users do not want interruptions in whatever they are doing and today, search is often just that, particularly as it relates to more in-depth information seeking.

Yesterday, DeepDyve announced a suite of free tools and widgets that allows website owners and bloggers to embed DeepDyve capability directly into their pages.  These tools will allow content owners to more seamlessly allow their users to read, browse and discover related articles and search results from DeepDyve.  In addition, DeepDyve also contributed a guest blog to on the evolving role of search which is impacting not just the technology industry but also the information and publishing industries.  As users find and consume information in new ways due to the Web, major industries will be transformed in how they compete…or don’t.